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Ukrainian Aid strives to increase awareness of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, directing all proceeds toward refugee support, resettlement initiatives, and humanitarian aid.


Ukrainian Aid, based in Canada, works to promote awareness and support for the Ukrainian people during this time of conflict. We use our platform to raise funds, addressing the pressing needs arising from the conflict. Central to our work is providing support for refugees who have been displaced due to the crisis. 


All donations raised are securely allocated to directly support resettlement initiatives and humanitarian aid, with all funds sent to Nova Ukraine. Nova Ukraine is wholeheartedly committed to extending humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Your support plays a crucial role in bringing about real change in the lives of refugees, facilitating their journey toward stability and renewal. For instance, Nova Ukraine has provided resources for more than 1,300 Ukrainian refugee families in the U.S. In total, supporting 2,100+ adults and 1,100+ children. 

Their help to Ukrainian families includes the following:

  • placing refugees in free housing from verified American hosts

  • connecting refugees with local housing programs and rentals from refugee-friendly landlords

  • assisting with transportation

  • running a shelter in Orange County, California

  • working with the Adopt-a-Family program to support refugees financially

  • providing free computers for children

  • connecting refugees with offices of refugee resettlement

  • helping with job search

  • participating in local festivals of Ukrainian communities

  • resolving conflicts with host families


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